BYO.Tube is better for creators

Decoupling the functionalities of a social network enables a competition of ideas.

Keep Your Revenue

You don't share 50%, not 30%, not 10%. You keep 100%.


Choose from ads, subscriptions, tips, merchandize, sponsorships, or a combination.


Establish campaigns directly with advertisers for video ads and merchandizing.

Equitable Moderation

Work with the moderator of your choice.

No Monetization Threshold

Anyone in a supported country can monetize their content regardless of subs or views.

Hosting & CDN

Choose who encodes, hosts, and delivers your content.

The Un-Platform

BYO.Tube is operated by a non-profit with the mission to deliver better social media experiences.


BYO.Tube runs on open-source BYODA personal data servers that share their content catalogs. It is P2P, but not using blockchain.

Getting started

Get started

It all starts with your own BYODA Personal Data Server. You can DIY a server but most people should get a hosted server from BYO.Host